Shower Trolley

The Crystal shower trolley is one of the best in our comprehensive range of shower and procedure trolleys. With a safe working load of 159kg it has an easy rise manual or electric action for high-low adjustment, which ensures that caregivers can work safely and comfortably during the procedure. The Crystal shower trolley has several key features all designed to enhance its functionality. It is equipped with easy rise high-low platform for optimum working height.
The mattress platform has head-up/foot-down adjustment, for comfort and quicker water evacuation. The platform can also be flipped vertically to save valuable bathroom space when not in use. The trolley has front and rear brake and castor control, allowing the brakes to be applied as pairs. The mattress system is equipped with splash sides and lockable fold-down side rails for added safety. With a safe working load of 159kg the trolley enables hygiene procedures to be carried out with ease.
Available in Adult or Paediatric sizes

Technical Specifications

  • Product Dimesions- Varies with model

  • Product Weight- 60 kg (Hydraulic) and 80 kg (Electric)
  • Max Weight Capacity- 160 kg (Hydraulic) or 150 kg (Electric)
  • Sizes- Junior, Adult and Bariatric
  • Additional Information- Hydraulic or Electric height adjustment option