Electric Hi/Lo Bathtub


The Onyx bathtub is equipped with an electric height adjustment system, combining comfort and ease of use for both patients and carers. Hygiene & Security The bath design and integrated filling simplify cleaning and disinfection of the bath walls. The disinfection system consists of a controlled-rate shower and a protected bactericide tank. The air whirpool bath (optional) with adjustable output and automatic drainage at end of cycle prevents contamination. A digital control panel is provided to raise and lower the bath and control the air whirpool (optional). The thermostatic mixer temperature control is equipped with a built-in anti-scald safety device. Comfort & Well-Being The curved interior lines with built-in armrests, two ergonomic handles, headrest and footrest guarantee an excellent position for the resident. The Onyx is avaliable in 2 lengths (200cm or 230cm) to adapt to all morphologies. The double bath shells provide sound and thermal insulation, much appreciated during relaxing air whirlpool baths.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum volume of water (long tub): 200 litres, Bathtub weight at empty (long tub): 120 Kg, Variable height from 62 cm to 102 cm, Time needed to fill bathtub at 3.0 bars: 4 minutes Models Ref. 7440.00 – 230 cm long, with temperature controls Ref. 7440.01 – 200 cm long, with temperature controls Ref. 7441.00 – same as 7441.01 but 230 cm long Ref. 7441.01 – 200 cm long, with temperature controls Digital “SENSE” touch-control system, featuring separate programmable temperature settings for both bath tap and showerhead + thermal disinfection function Ref. 7132.99 – Automatic stop for filling the tub (only for 7440) Optional features Ref. 7121.99 – whirlpool with warming water jets Ref. 7440.60 – Colour therapy Ref. 7440.70 – Aromatherapy