Caprice Bath


Caprice uses touch-free infra red controls, which significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination. It features an unique thermal cleaning function that allows the valve to clean itself under supervision at temperatures of 60°C. On models with the hydro-massage system, there is an automatic clean function to reduce the risk of legionella proliferation.
  • Specifications-
    Tub- Reinforced fibreglass tub and frame, Height adjustable via 2 x 24V electric actuators, IP67 rated lite touch control, Integral shower system, Max. Safe working load: 125kg

  • Lifter- Steel chassis, Polyurethane foam seat and backrest, Stainless steel seating system and transfer chassis, Four pivoting brake castors O125mm, Polyurethane foam folding footrests

  • Options- Air whirlpool system, Colour spa system, Aromatherapy system, Cat5 wall mounted shower fitting

  • Mains electrical requirements- Main electrical feeding: 230V-50hz 180w

  • Comfort and relaxation-

    Caprice baths are deep and internally spacious to offer more room to stretch and relax. In complete harmony with the sensory concept and to promote relaxation and rehabilitation, Caprice baths are available with three spa options. Each option is proven to offer many benefits to those who are less able.

  • Spa Options-

    Air bubbles are widely regarded to have a direct effect on emotion, blood pressure, blood flow and muscle stimulation. With Caprices’ hydromassage, users can enjoy an irresistibly soothing bath with a constant stream of controllable air bubbles from the 12 jets scattered across the base. Air heaters ensure the bubbles never feel cold and a constant temperature is maintained.

    With Caprices’ aromatherapy option, aromatic heat infused oils provide scented aromas, which relax and invigorate the user during hydro-massage. They can also be used to help keep the bathroom fresh and inviting.

    Colour spa
    Colour therapy creates a warm atmospheric ambiance that helps to balance the mind, maintain and restore health, and manage and control moods and attitudes. One hundred LED lights are installed below water level to illuminate and colour the water, creating beautiful and relaxing colourings in the bath and bathroom.