Caleche Side Access Bathtub


With a low seat height and handgrips all around the bath it makes transfers very easy either independently or with assistance, and allows bathing in a sitting position. Access & Transfer The side door provides a good seal and has a locking system that may be opened from either the inside or the outside. Access and transfers are made easy as the step in only 16cm from the floor and is height adjustable. The stainless steel handgrips and seat height ensure easy access for wheelchair users or those with artificial limbs. Addes safety features include footplates and non-slip surface. Comfort & Security A wide internal size and anatomical seat provide a comfortable, secure and safe seating position. The bath walls have a gloss finish that makes cleaning very easy with a headrest support and a soap dish that are incorporated to ensure an ideal washing environment. An adjustable flow massages and relaxes every user.

  • Specifications-

    4500.10 (Senior Model) 4500.20 (Professional Model) 4504.00 (Whirlpool Model)

  • Reinforced fiberglass tub, white colour.
  • Footrest and non-slip bottom.
  • Integrated soapdish.
  • 4 adjustable feet (adjustable on 5cm).
  • Patented waterproofness system.
  • Locking handle accessible from inside.
  • Draining by trap Ø50mm and overflow Ø38mm.
  • Door for draining access.
  • Integrated stainless steel peripheral handrail.
  • Maximum water level: 100 cm
  • Weight of the bathtub: 80-85 kg
  • Maximum patient weight: 200 kg 4500.20 (PROFESSIONAL MODEL)
  • Integrated and retractable hair wash basin, connected to the trap.
  • 12 nozzles equipped with anti-return valves.
  • Pump, 700W, 220/230V, 50hz.
  • Heater, 300W
  • Control panel with sensory control feeding low voltage (5V).
  • Sensory control for adjustment control of injection of air.
  • Luminous diodes.
  • Differential circuit breakers 30mA and dividing transformer not supplied.