Baheera Electric Hi/Lo Bathtub


The Bagheera bath was designed for installation in the centre of your bathroom. Carers can move freely around the bath and have permanent and unrestricted access to the control panel built into the side of the bath. Patients can rest their head at either end of the bath. Hygiene & Security Safety was a prime concern throughout the development of the Bagheera bath, including control panel with perfectly smooth surface, automatic water shut-off by solenoid valve (double safety system: protection against overflow and germs), low voltage operation (24 V), emergency stop button on each side of the bath, foot anti-crushing device by simply pressing the base, bactericide reservoir built into the outer shell of the bath, air whirpool with automatic drainage at end of cycle, control with safety locking when disinfecting the bath and adjusting the temperature. Comfort & Well-Being The curved interior lines, ergonomic hand rails, built-in footrest and the possibility of resting the patient’s head at either end of the bath, ensure optimum comfort for residents. The double bath shells provide sound and thermal insulation, much appreciated during relaxing air whirpool baths.

Technical Specifications

  • Technical Specifications- Maximum water capacity: 280 litres, Weight: 160 Kg, Time needed to fill tub at 3.0 bars: 6 minutes, Time needed to drain tub: 5 minutes, Time needed to raise the tub: ~20 seconds Models Ref. 7601.08 – control panel on the right Ref. 7601.09 – control panel on the left Ref. 7120.99 – whirlpool with warming jets option