Furnishing- creating healthcare facilities which are ‘homes’ not ‘hospitals’

Archability offers design-award winning European furnishing for aged care and supported housing. Adjustable beds are complemented by matching side tables and cabinetry, all with integrated gripping surfaces to facilitate safe mobility.



Technical support is available as in-house or on-site consultation. Projects can be presented in 2D or 3D files or video animation. This gives clients a clear understanding of the appearance and functionality of their chosen design.

A number of options need to be considered when specifying overhead patient lifting systems – the most important being the points of transfer the client is seeking to achieve.

For new projects, clients may wish to consider the more aesthetic option of recessed tracking.


Time Saving

  • Many transfers complete comfortably in Iess than 45 seconds including fitting and removal of sling
  • Dedicated lifters eliminate the need to “go find the lifter”
  • Portable lifters are so compact that convenient storage becomes a reality

Save on Resources

  • Equivalent transfers are done with fewer caregivers, increasing productivity and enabling them to spend more time on other quality demands
  • Training is included with each system, with additional training available to key staff in larger organisations
  • Ceiling hoists surprisingly inexpensive with returns on investments usually within 1 – 2 years
  • Low maintenance costs due to simple modular design

Reduced Risks and Injury Costs

  • Study results show almost complete elimination of back injuries due to transfers – no heavy movements or twisting
  • Smooth free movements along rail even for larger patients
  • No equipment to trip over
  • More likely to adjust patient in bed due to availability and ease of use

Other Benefits

  • Improved staff morale, caregivers are less tired at end of shift
  • More relaxed patients due to smoother, quieter transfers
  • Flexible rail designs suit new and old building layouts
  • Free up valuable floor space, difficult rooms and obstacles present little problem
  • Improved aesthetics, no ugly equipment stored in hallways
  • Patient can be transferred when needed due to equipment availability which equals better patient outcomes
  • Enforcement is simple – lifts always ready to use